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my current project draws on the social realism of german expressionists. culling information from the internet and news media sources, i pull and then interpret them as social issues and ills. women's issues and rights is my focus. my approach to information processing starts with a photograph; painting from photographs distances me from what is real or true. i take what i want and leave the rest - a stripped-down form of people - a pictorial solution of taking information apart and putting it back together. using black and white further pushes the reduction of the figure and ultimate meaning. my interpretation is always changing.

extended obituary

extended obituary is a perpetual work in progress. using a specific image on a specific day from the new york times obituary page, i remove myself from my first impression and work back to the original image. there is immediacy from choosing the image to placement of media - a close-up interpretation - creating another separation from the original snapshot. working in multiples, these objects are small and intimate, emphasizing tension between observation, image and our emotional reality - a commentary which is always changing.

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